About Us

Like many businesses, Unique Hardware began from a good idea.

We all like choice, and choice was lacking in many parts of the Door and Window industry in New Zealand. The founders, Stephen and Janice Tetley-Jones thought that there were areas that were either not being serviced, or serviced poorly. They set out to establish a company founded on the principle that “what is good for my customer is good for me!”

That was in 1998. Since then Unique Hardware has grown consistently and continuously, adding products that fit the company philosophy of Quality, Performance and Value.

Though our business is much more complex than it was in those early days, we have never departed from the foundational principles of choice, efficiency, service

Modern buildings require functionality and performance. People want their living and working spaces to be efficient and practical in ways that we did not consider a few years ago.

Unique Hardware is a specialist in the door and window field. We source, distribute and develop solutions to open and close spaces, allowing greater use of a finite resource.

As designers and engineers, Unique Hardware can go deeper than companies who merely distribute. We can start from first principles and are not shackled by the need to sell only what is currently available.

There are a number of areas of company speciality;

  • Hinge Products – Stainless, Brass & Steel hinges of all types.
  • Agency Brands – Imported products from companies who share our philosophy.

We pride ourselves on partnership with our customers and our suppliers.

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