Spiral Balances

Spirex & Spiralift balances are suited for use in double hung timber window frames. These balances are single sprung, and once installed within the window they can be adjusted to appropriate tensions with the Tensioning tool CAL-BB-TEN. They are often selected by specifiers and fabricators looking to install traditional, cost effective sash balances.

Key features and design specifications:

  • Spirex Suitable for installation in sashes 1 kg – 13.5 kg
  • Spiralift suitable for installation is sashes 14 kg – 18 kg
  • Both can be accommodated by sash heights of 200 mm – 1200 mm
  • Supplied 16 mm diameter tubes with a PVC sleeve, White or Brown optional colour finishes
  • Both balances provide approximately 25% mechanical assistance. 

Ultralift balances feature a larger, 17 mm diameter design, these balances can be specified for use in both tilt-in and standard sash window designs.
Ultralift sash window balances are double sprung, offering increased efficiency and a smoother operation. Because of this double sprung design, they can offer the end user up to 75% increased mechanical advantage compared with standard operation. They can also be installed in systems heavier than single sprung alternatives, being able to support sashes up to 27kg in weight, so are suitable for specifying in more substantial window frames.

Key features and design specifications of Ultralift balances:

Supplied in 18mm diameter PVC tubes in white or brown.
Suitable for sashes weighing between 6 kg – 27 kg
Double sprung to provide extra mechanical assistance 


ALL Balances are made to order in the UK, shipments are dispatched every 2 weeks and take approx 5-7 working days to arrive at our warehouse. 

Ask for a quote today, please fill in the Caldwell Balance Selection Sheet, available from the Downloads page.

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