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Centor E2 System

Unique Hardware Solutions recommends the use of Centor Hardware for all your Bi-fold applications both interior and exterior.


  •  10-year warranty
  •  Trouble-free operation
  •  Strong corrosion resistant components
  •  Cycle tested up to 50,000 times
  •  Horizontal and Vertical adjustment
  • NZ4211 Tested and Certified
  •  Finger tip control
  •  Up to 8 panels at 60kg in each direction
  •  Extensive range of components ex stock


  •  Seamless Indoor / outdoor flow
  •  More natural light and fresh air
  •  Enhance views
  •  Design freedom without compromise
  •  Choose the exact material you desire for aesthetics, function and energy efficiency
  •  Completely secure using a combination of innovative design and robust materials


All Centor kits are not stocked assembled but all the 

component parts are usually in stock to build the kits.

Please contact the Sales Team for kit availability.


To complete you Bi-fold kit you will need the following items.

  • Top track 14TA 
  • Bottom track E22FCR 
  • Weather Seal AQ21
  • Dropbolts DB, Cups, Router bit and Twinpoint (downloads)


For panels over 2250mm high

  • Wall pivot E22WP
  • Additional hinges Straight E22HNH or Offset E22HHNH

We do not stock the kits or all track lengths on the shelf, but we do stock a large range of the
components and full length tracks, so we can make up most kits the same day.

$65.23 (excl. GST)
Stock: 8
$87.00 (excl. GST)
SKU: 14TA27N
Stock: 4
$96.33 (excl. GST)
Stock: 4
$127.44 (excl. GST)
Stock: 51
$180.33 (excl. GST)
SKU: 14TA57N
Stock: 64


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