Door magnets

Unique Hardware’s powerful rare earth magnets offer a stylish & reliable door holding
solution for doors and shutters. They are quick and easy to fit, maintenance free,
never need adjustment, quiet, low profile and will outlast traditional methods.

$56.50 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG1604P1
Stock: 31
$17.50 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG1604P2
Stock: 0
$62.50 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG1604P3
Stock: 5
$81.25 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2208P1
Stock: 36
$33.75 (excl. GST)
Stock: 30
$125.00 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2406P1
Stock: 0
$20.63 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2406P2
Stock: 258
$157.81 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2406P3
Stock: 23
$33.75 (excl. GST)
Stock: 28
$129.38 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2807P1
Stock: 0
$22.00 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2807P2
Stock: 0
$160.00 (excl. GST)
SKU: MAG2807P3
Stock: 9

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