Window Stays

Bristol stays

A comprehensive range of smooth operating, adjustable,high performance friction stays for both awning and casement windows. Offering superior weather-proofing, draught-proofing and guaranteeing long-lasting smooth operation.

Bristol friction stays are made with the latest technology to be fitted with the minimum of effort and slotted fixing holes allow for maximum adjustment.

  • The stays have been proven to a lifetime of up to 30,000 cycles.
  • Available in 8” – 26” variants (20.32cm - 66.04cm)13 to 18 mm stack height variants suitable for all popular profiles.
  • Concealed when the window is closed and offers no internal obstruction when opened.
  • Built to last, all stays are supplied in pairs
  • Screws are NOT supplied with these stays (We recommend S/S 6g x 25mm)

Bristol Friction Stays - Selection data sheet is available from the Downloads page.

Whitco stays

A range of metal window stays for both casement or awning windows. Available in both Standard (wide) and Narrow track designs for timber or aluminum joinery.

Friction versions for manually open sashes and Non-friction versions for mechanically operated sashes.

Features of the Standard & Narrow Window Stays

  • Robust construction
  • Both Standard (wide) & Narrow track designs
  • Both Friction and Non-friction versions
  • Bronze metal guide / friction foot
  • Suit for non-lipped window joinery only
  • Packed with fastening screws
  • Combination Retail/Trade pack

Whitco Stays - Selection data sheet is available from the Downloads page.

$40.30 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.446
$39.31 (excl. GST)
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$46.41 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.448
$83.69 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.449
$30.88 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.441
$89.05 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.450
$27.85 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.442
$43.68 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.443
$87.50 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.451
$55.54 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.444
$135.85 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.452
$65.53 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.445
$149.06 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.453
$23.50 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.406BL
$38.00 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.454
$56.71 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.455
$17.73 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.402BL
$20.68 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.403BL
$48.89 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.404BL
$28.23 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.405BL
$53.88 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.312
$62.80 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.313
$102.98 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.315
$49.65 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.308
$57.63 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.309
$75.08 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.310
$104.83 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.311
$17.94 (excl. GST)
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$24.54 (excl. GST)
SKU: 13.408

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