Centor Dropbolts

Centor’s stylish keyed and non-keyed, flush-mounting dropbolts are the ideal solution
for securing or fastening closed folding or sliding windows and doors.
Produced to Centor’s exacting standards for functionality, aesthetics and longevity,
eight distinctive dropbolt ranges are available in lengths, styles and finishes to suit
virtually any application. 

We carry the most popular range in stock, all indented dropbolts take approx 2 - 3 weeks.

Centor Dropbolts 2018 Brochure

Centor Folding Door Systems

Unique Hardware Solutions recommends the use of Centor Hardware for all your Bi-fold applications both interior and exterior.


  •  10-year warranty
  •  Trouble-free operation
  •  Strong corrosion resistant components
  •  Cycle tested up to 50,000 times
  •  Horizontal and Vertical adjustment
  • NZ4211 Tested and Certified
  •  Finger tip control
  •  Up to 8 panels at 115kg in each direction
  •  Extensive range of components ex stock


  •  Seamless Indoor / outdoor flow
  •  More natural light and fresh air
  •  Enhance views
  •  Design freedom without compromise
  •  Choose the exact material you desire for aesthetics, function and energy efficiency
  •  Completely secure using a combination of innovative design and robust materials



Centor A9F Brochure

Centor A14 Brochure

Centor A14F Brochure

Centor E4 Brochure

Centor EW Brochure

Centor Twinpoint Lock Brochure

Centor E2i Brochure

Centor Warranty

Centor Maintainence

NEW - Centor Surelock 5 System

Centor E2 Installation Instructions

Centor E3 Installation Instructions

Centor E2 Brochure 2018

Centor E3 Brochure 2018

Centor Sliding Door Systems

Unique Hardware Solutions recommends the use of Centor Hardware for all your Sliding applications for interior use.


  • Thoughtful design & exhaustive testing
  • Durable Stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials
  • Easy glide motion of panels up to 400kg
  • Hardware generally concealed
  • Compatible security hardware


  • Create dramatic openings
  • Hardware that works with the materials you want to use
  • Barn door style options for exposed hardware with that robust industrial look for panels up to 300kg
  • Peace of mind simple & discrete security options

* Refer to the Downloads page for Product Brochures

Centor A6 Brochure (Barn Door)

Centor A9S Brochure

Centor E3S Brochure

Closers & Dampers

Dorma Door Closer Enquiry sheet

Door Damper LDD-V

Door Damper LDD-V100

Door Damper LDD-V Installation Manual

Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinge JL340

Concealed Hinge HES3D-90

Concealed HInge HES3D-120

Concealed Hinge HES3D-E190

Concealed Hinge HES3D-120 Installation Manual

Concealed Hinge HES3D-E190 Installation Manual

Concealed Hinge BG003 & BG004

Door Magnets

Unique Hardware’s powerful rare earth magnets offer a stylish & reliable door holding
solution for doors and shutters. They are quick and easy to fit, maintenance free,
never need adjustment, quiet, low profile and will outlast traditional methods.

Door Magnets

Slidemaster Sliding Door Systems

Unique Hardware Solutions recommends the use of Slidemaster Hardware for all your Sliding applications for exterior use.

We offer the latest edition of Stainless steel 304 rollers for the timber door & window market. Built with high grade Stainless steel sealed precision bearings, these rollers are manufactured to go the distance. The improved design offers less rolling resistance which results in effortless operation. With all stainless components this product provides the ultimate corrosion resistance.

Tandem rollers tend to work better on wider panels (doors) up to 200 kg and single rollers are best suited for use on window panels up to 160 kg. 

Height adjustment 6mm (windows) & 9.4mm (doors)

All roller kits come with screws and an adjustment screw cap if applicable.

10 year warranty for peace of mind.

* * The confidence of product testing to 50,000 cycles.

Combined with Anodised T5 Aluminium bottom rail ,Top channel guide and S/S rollers, SM Interlockers and Brush Seal.


Slidemaster System Brochure

Sliding Door Rollers SS10000 400kg

Sliding Door Roller SS7000 200kg

Spiral Balances

Spirex & Spiralift balances are suited for use in double hung timber window frames. These balances are single sprung, and once installed within the window they can be adjusted to appropriate tensions with the Tensioning tool CAL-BB-TEN. They are often selected by specifiers and fabricators looking to install traditional, cost effective sash balances.

Key features and design specifications:

  • Spirex Suitable for installation in sashes 1 kg – 13.5 kg
  • Spiralift suitable for installation is sashes 14 kg – 18 kg
  • Both can be accommodated by sash heights of 200 mm – 1200 mm
  • Supplied 16 mm diameter tubes with a PVC sleeve, White or Brown optional colour finishes
  • Both balances provide approximately 25% mechanical assistance. 

Ulralift balances feature a larger, 17 mm diameter design, these balances can be specified for use in both tilt-in and standard sash window designs.
Ultralift sash window balances are double sprung, offering increased efficiency and a smoother operation. Because of this double sprung design, they can offer the end user up to 75% increased mechanical advantage compared with standard operation. They can also be installed in systems heavier than single sprung alternatives, being able to support sashes up to 27kg in weight, so are suitable for specifying in more substantial window frames.

Key features and design specifications of Ultralift balances:

Supplied in 18mm diameter PVC tubes in white or brown.
Suitable for sashes weighing between 6 kg – 27 kg
Double sprung to provide extra mechanical assistance 

Caldwell Spirex & Spiralift Installation

Caldwell Ultralift Installation

Caldwell Balance Selection Sheet

Caldwell Brochure

Weather Seal

ALL Weather Seal ONLY sold in 10 metre increments

Aquamac AQ21 Weather Seal

Window Stays

Bristol stays are a comprehensive range of smooth operating, adjustable,high performance friction stays for both awning and casement windows. Offering superior weather-proofing, draught-proofing and guaranteeing long-lasting smooth operation.

Bristol friction stays are made with the latest technology to be fitted with the minimum of effort and slotted fixing holes allow for maximum adjustment.

  • The stays have been proven to a lifetime of up to 30,000 cycles.
  • Available in 8” – 26” variants (20.32cm - 66.04cm)13 to 18 mm stack height variants suitable for all popular profiles.
  • Concealed when the window is closed and offers no internal obstruction when opened.
  • Built to last, all stays are supplied in pairs

Bristol Stay - Selection Data

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